ForeveRacers – Alpha Download


ForeveRacers is a fun new multiplayer racer with charming low poly visuals cute little top-heavy vehicles and easily accessible drop-in, drop-out gameplay.

ForveRacers is primarily a time trial racer, but played online on a track where other players can join in at any time. This makes it more like a low poly rally game, as you’re not waiting on starting grids and not directly racing against the other players, but there are other players on the track and you’re all attempting to get the fastest lap time (or just cause as much chaos as possible).

The physics aren’t the most realistic in the world, but they are a lot of fun – primarily due to the top heavy little cars that topple over the instant you turn too sharply. ForveRacers is still very early in development, but it show a lot of promise. A charming low poly racer with fun physics and casual drop in, drop out gameplay. A perfect multiplayer racer for players who just want to have fun.

Download the ForeveRacers Alpha Here (Win, Mac & Linux)