Forge and Fight – Prototype Download

Forge and Fight allows you to easily build all manner of weird and wonderful melee weapons then test them out in a deadly combat arena.

Crafting your weapons in Forge and Fight’s weapon creator is remarkably easy – you just select a handle then add connectors, blades and an assortment of other deadly objects piece by piece. Chains, pipes and multiconnectors are good for adding structure to your weapons, while there’s a wide assortment of swords, axes, balls, blades and spikes that are perfect for bringing the pain. You can even add flamethrowers, miniguns, boxing gloves and circular saws into them mix to create some over the top pieces of weaponry.

Once your weapon is built you can name it and test it out in an arena filled with traps and enemies. As it’s still a prototype, the combat is pretty rough around the edges at the moment, but it shows promise – particularly as it allows you to have 1:1 control of the weapon by holding the let mouse button and then swinging the mouse.

It’s still very early in development, but Forge and Fight is already a whole lot of fun. You can create all manner of ridiculously over the top weaponry in just a few minutes and with a bit of refinement the combat could be great too. Well worth checking out for some wacky weapon building fun.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Forge and Fight Prototype Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)