Forgive Me Father 2 – Beta Demo

Forgive Me Father 2 sees you returning to the graphic novel styled Lovecraftian world of the original, as you dive into madness in search of redemption.

Following or from the events of the original, Forgive Me Father 2 is a graphic novel styled FPS about a priest seeking redemption. The run ‘n gun gameplay is similar to the original, but there are plenty of new additions, including enemies, a cool new wind-up flashlight, weapons and improved sprites and models.

The demo build of Forgive Me Father 2 features two large levels and sees you blasting your way out of an asylum. It could maybe do with a dash or sprint ability, but it’s got tons of atmosphere, the guns feel great and the artwork is incredible. It’s shaping up to be another excellent journey into Lovecraftian madness. Highly Recommended.

Download The Forgive Me Father 2 Beta Demo Here (Steam)