Forgiveness – Alpha Demo

Forgiveness is a psychological room escape horror game that traps you in rooms based on the seven deadly sins.

The full game of Forgiveness will give you a short personality test at the start of the game then place you in a room based on one of the seven deadly sins that you are guilty of. The current demo build only features one room (the prologue room which you enter before going into the ‘Sin rooms’), but it does also have the personality test at the start so you can find out what sin you’re guilty of!

The prologue room only has one real puzzle and it’s not too hard to crack if you look in the right places, but it’s got a nice sense of atmosphere and a nice physicality to the game space, with you able to pick up and examine most objects. The devs promise that even in the full game there will be no jumpscares, instead focusing on atmosphere and psychological horror elements. A game that gives you a personality test and tailors the experience to your sins is very intriguing, so it’ll be great to see how the game progresses.

Note: The devs are keen to hear your puzzle suggestions. You can join their Discord group to suggest them and if they use one of your puzzles in the final game you’ll get the game for free!

Download The Forgiveness Alpha Demo Here (Windows)