Forgotlings – Kickstarter Demo

Forgotlings is a beautiful hand-drawn cinematic action adventure set in a magical world of sentient objects forgotten and discarded by mankind.

The world of Forgotlings is inhabited by everyday objects that have been forgotten by humanity and have come to life. You take on the role of Fig, a wooden mannequin who has just arrived in the Forgotlings world. He’s just finding his feet and searching for a purpose, but it soon becomes apparent that there’s something special about him and he’s destined for great things.

The current build of Forgotlings features a 20 minute narrative driven demo and a combat demo. It could do with tightening up the platforming and the combat a little, but it’s a very promising game. The artwork, voicework and storytelling are all superb, and it’s a fascinating experience exploring the world, learning the lore and meeting it’s quirky inhabitants. A remarkable adventure about forgotten things that you won’t forget!

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Download The Forgotlings Kickstarter Demo Here (Steam)