Forgotten Fields – Kickstarter Demo

Forgotten Fields is a stylish narrative driven adventure that follows a struggling writer who returns to his childhood home one last time before it’s sold off.

In Forgotten Fields you follow the story of Sid, a young writer who has had a little success, but who is now struggling with a severe bout of writer’s block. What’s more, his mother is selling his childhood home and she’s asked him to return there one last time so everyone can say goodbye to it. Sid reluctantly accepts, but it may also be good for him, as meeting old friends, reliving old memories and getting some fresh air will do a lot more to kickstart his creativity than sitting in a cramped apartment.

It’s a very interesting and inventive piece of storytelling with a beautiful visual style and some great little touches. The way you interact with and play through the story Sid is attempting to write is a lot of fun and there’s a very warm and cozy feel to the game. A trip home well worth taking.

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