Forklift Man – Game Jam Build Download

forklift man

Forklift Man, a fun game created by Toco Games for the Ludum Dare 34, is a 3D Puzzle Platformer where you play as the most unlikely hero in the universe.

You take on the role Forklift Man, and must use your ability to navigate the puzzles in each room. You have the ability to stretch your arms and legs to impossible lengths to reach objects and help you solve tricky puzzles. The bright and vibrant colours blend nicely with the overall feel of the game, making you feel a sense of joy when playing. Add that to the effect when your character’s arms and legs stretch out and you wont help but giggle at how silly, yet fun and challenging the game is.

Some of the puzzles will possible make you rip out your hair as even the basic approach is sometimes the last thought in your mind. A lack of music does deter from the immersion of the game, however the game play and character mechanics take precedence and will make you giddy with glee running around with your arms stretched out at max length (changing the camera makes this more awesome). All in all Forklift Man is one of the greater additions to the Ludum Dare 34 game jam (although it does seem to bend the rules a little).  We highly recommend reaching out for it and giving it a good old grab and play.

Note: As well as extending your arms with the mouse, you can also extend your legs by pressing ‘1’ or the middle mouse button.  To reset your legs to their original size press the spacebar.  If you experiment with the other keys, you may also come across some truly ridiculous game breaking bugs.

Download Forklift Man Here (Windows Only)