Forsaken Castle – Pre-Alpha Download

Forsaken Castle Game Download

Forsaken Castle is a fun and easily accessible metroidvania that draws inspiration from Castlevania as you play a young paladin who is sent out to investigate the appearance of the undead near her village.

In Forsaken Castle you explore a mysterious, supposedly uninhabited castle that seems to be the source of the zombie outbreak. It features great 16-bit era inspired pixel art animation, fun combat, bosses, Metroid style level design and Castlevania aesthetics.

Forsaken Castle wears its Castlevania influences on its sleeve, with similar exploration, gameplay and weaponry. It’s far more forgiving than Konami’s classic franchise though, with plenty of health drops and enemies that are pretty easy to beat. It makes for a fun little romp, but can feel far too easy at times, often feeling like a ‘my first metroidvania’ at times. It’s still early in development though and it won’t take too much to tweak the difficulty or add harder difficulty levels and at the moment, but what it lacks in challenge it certainly makes up with excellent pixel art animation and charm anyway.

Note: To start running, start walking first then press the run button not the other way around

Download The Forsaken Castle Pre-Alpha Here (Win, Mac & Linux)