Fort Meow – Alpha Build

fort meow

Fort Meow is a charming physics based fort building game in which your aim is to protect yourself from barrages of cats so that you can read your book in peace.

The book in question is a journal was written by your late grandfather and offers up an insight into his life as you progress through the game (and the journal).  In order to read this journal though, you’ll have to keep your grandmothers cats away (of which she has many), constructing various cat-proof forts from basic everyday items and furniture found round the house.

Gameplay is a little similar to the Angry Birds series, but with you taking on the role of the pigs.  You start off with basic construction items such as chairs and mattresses, but as the game progresses you’ll be able to roam various rooms in the house, picking out new items to use in your constructions.  Once your fort is built you simply press the ‘Defend’ button and cats will come flying in from all angles, bashing and smashing your fort to pieces.  Survive the barrage of furry felines and you’ll progress to the next stage and be treated to another storyboard a from your grandfathers journal.

Fort Meow is really shaping up to be wonderful game, with fun physics-based gameplay, a charming graphical style, and a surprising amount of polish for something that is still in Alpha development.  The dev is very keen to hear any feedback, so if you could leave comments below or in the in-game feedback form, that would be purrrfect.

Watch Our Gameplay Video HERE

Download the Alpha HERE

UPDATE: Unfortunately the Fort Meow is no longer available, but you can follow the games development HERE

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  1. I love the concept of this game it may be something that has been done before but it feels fresh in its own way. the style is cute and enjoyable, there are minor details i have seen that could use tweaking but then again this game is in alpha!

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