Fort Triumph – Pre-Alpha Download

Fort Triumph Game

Fort Triumph is a great new tactical turn based RPG that offers X-Com-esque levels of depth and ease of accessibility in a beautifully crafted fantasy world where the environment not only provides cover, but can also be interacted with in a variety of strategic ways.

Fort Triumph is set within a rich fantasy world where the Gods have gone mad, their domains are in turmoil and shadowy organisations look to exploit the disruption. This is where you come in, with a small band of heroes who battle your way through hordes of monsters, forming allies and going on quests as you attempt to save your village.

Very little of the story is implemented in the current Pre-Alpha build, but the tactical turn based gameplay is very impressive. There’s a lot to wrap your head around but the Tutorial does an excellent job of teaching you the basics and showcasing some of the deeper tactical elements of the game.

Each character has a selection of abilities and can level up to unlock more as the game progresses – you’ll have to look after them though, Fort Triumph features permadeath so once they’re dead there’s no coming back. The beautifully crafted environments also play a major role in battles, with you able to push, pull, topple and burn objects, push enemies into hazards or even move large objects to create new passageways. Environmental cover is also a big factor, but as a lot of the structures on the map can be moved or destroyed, you have to be careful what you hide behind!

Even in these early stages of development Fort Triumph is a very polished experience with an intuitive UI, beautiful visuals and exciting turn based tactical battles that are packed with plenty of strategic depth. A fabulous slice of fantasy tactical role playing well worth checking out.

Download The Fort Triumph Pre-Alpha Build Here (Windows)