Fortnite Battle Royale – Open Beta (Windows, Mac, PS4 & Xbox One)

Fortnite Battle Royale is a PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS inspired game mode for Epic Games’ Fortnite that allows up to 100 players to scavenge, build and fight to be the last one standing in the games giant map.

Currently in Open Beta on PS4, Xbox One and PC, Fortnite Battle Royale is one of the first mainstream games (alongside GTA Online) to ‘borrow’ from PUBG’s massively successful Battle Royale gameplay. It’s a side project that’s totally separate from Fortnite’s main PvE mode, but there’s a good chance that it’ll end up being more popular than the main game mode.

Each round starts with players jumping out from a battlebus and gliding to a starting position on the ground. Players all start with just a pick-axe, but there’s also a massive amount of weapons, equipment and traps to scavenge and use. As in Fortnite’s main game mode you can also build structures or smash straight through them, making for some very dynamic feeling gameplay and lots of different survival strategies.

It wears its inspiration on its sleeve, which has (perhaps rightly) drawn some ire from the PUBG publishing team, but Fortnite’s Dynamic, destructible world, cartoony visuals and building mechanics makes for a very different take on the Battle Royale genre. It’s unlikely to topple PUBG from the Battle Royale throne, but it’s a fun take on the genre that’s certainly worth checking out.

The Fortnite Battle Royale Beta is Available to Download Via the Playstation Store Now. The Xbox One Version Will Be Live Later Today.

Download The Fortnite Battle Royale Beta Here (Windows & Mac – Requires Epic Account)

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  1. PUBG has no right to be salty they stole the idea from H1Z1 who also stole the idea from another game company. Its the wild wild west when it comes to the game developing scene these days!

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