Fortune Finder – Game Jam Build

Fortune Finder is a creepy little retro treasure hunting adventure where you avoid evil spirits and dig up graves to unlock a crypt full of loot.

In Fortune Finder you take control of a treasure hunter who enters an eerie graveyard equipped with a shovel, a lantern and a skull that flashes when you’re near a key. You need to use the skull to help locate the places where three keys are buried then dig them up and unlock the crypt with them. However, you’re not alone in the graveyard – there’s an evil red spirit that chases you wherever you go and will kill you if it catches you.

Fortune Finder is a fairly simple little game and the spirit that chases you can get a little irritating after a while, but the retro pixel art visuals are excellent, it’s got a great sense of atmosphere and it’s genuinely scary at times. A fun little retro horror game well worth digging into.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Fortune Finder Here (Windows)