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Four Last Things

Four Last Things is a beautifully illustrated point and click adventure created out of Renaissance-era artwork, in which you play a pilgrim who must commit some of the seven deadly sins in order to be allowed access to a church to atone for his other sins.

You’ve travelled a long way to reach a sacred church to atone for your sins. Unfortunately, as the sins you committed weren’t in this district, you’re not allowed into the church atone for them. BUT, if you commit some more sins in this district, then the church will have to let you in and you can atone for all of your sins!

You must wander the district, looking for opportunities to commit any of the seven deadly sins. You don’t need to commit all seven, just five of them will do – but some can be quite hard to find (mainly due to some of the smaller hotspots being quite tricky to find in the beautiful artwork).

It’s a short, silly and fantastic looking point and click adventure, packed with great humor and great artwork. It really is a joy exploring the world of Four Last Things and committing five deadly sins!

Check Out a Full Playthrough Here

Download Four Last Things Here (Windows)