Four Sided Fantasy – Prototype Download (The Fourth Wall)

four sided fantasy 1

Four Sided Fantasy is a beautiful looking and intelligent puzzle/platformer which messes with perspective, allowing you to freeze the screen at any point and use a clever wraparound feature to pass between the edges of the screen.  The Prototype for Four Sided Fantasy – The Fourth Wall – is a fantastic puzzle/platformer that uses the same wraparound feature that the Four Sided Fantasy uses and manages to pack more creativity and innovation into it’s short 15 minute playtime than most AAA games manage in 8 hours.

The lead programmer – Logan “Lo-Fi” Fieth has an great pedigree with interesting and unique games, as well The Fourth Wall, he’s worked on Perspective, an equally clever and unique game that involves positioning the camera in a 3D environment to allow your character to move through a 2D plane.  While others in the dev team have worked on the likes on Nitronic Rush and our recently featured Grand Theft Flying Object – a chaotic game where 4 players have to work together to pilot a single ship.

With Four Sided Fantasy expanding on the gameplay of it’s predecessor and incorporating a beautiful pixel art graphical style, it looks set to be mentioned in the same breaths as Fez and Braid in the near future.  A unique platforming game full of invention, charm and creativity.

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You can download the Prototype (and the equally impressive Perspective) through the Kickstarter page HERE