Fowl Scourge – Alpha Demo

Fowl Scourge is a top-down dark fantasy action adventure where a plague doctor exterminates grotesquely infected patients in challenging boss fights.

In Fowl Scourge you take control of a plague doctor who works for a guild of contractors called the Plague Birds Guild. The guild was founded to help exterminate the walking abominations that people have been turning into when infected with a mysterious disease. You will select different jobs, which see you vanquishing these abominations in challenging boss fights, then earning a little cash for your efforts.

The combat system in Fowl Scourge is a little similar to The Binding of Isaac, with you able to attack in four different directions. You also have a jump/dodge ability though and attacking your enemy recharges a health flask which you can use to replenish your health. Between missions you’ll be able to visit the Plague Birds Guild, where you can chat to NPCs, accept new jobs and purchase upgrades.

The Fowl Scourge demo build features two boss fights and the Plague Birds Guild area. It takes around 15 minutes to play through and is a lot of fun. Some more weapon types would be a welcome addition (and there is a blacksmith in the guild so hopefully that’s on the cards), but the pixel art visuals look fantastic, the plague infected dark gothic setting is well realised and the boss battles offer a nice amount of challenge. A plague infested boss battling action RPG that’s very infectious!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Fowl Scourge Alpha Demo Here (Steam)