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foxhole download

Foxhole is an impressive massively multiplayer persistent online war game in which hundreds of players do battle in strategic top down sandbox warfare.

Foxhole offers intense online multiplayer battles across a large battle map and a selection of WWII-era weaponry.  The gameplay is unlike your traditional run and gun top down shooter or CoD-style FPS – it’s a much more strategic experience, with cover, reconnaissance, vantage points, communication and back-up from your teammates offering the greatest chances of success. Due to the limited scope of your view from the top down perspective there’s a real sense of tension as you explore the map, as the enemy could be lying in wait anywhere.

The full game will no doubt offer more features and a higher level of polish, but the core gameplay and visuals on display in the Foxhole Prototype are already very impressive. An intense and tactical top down shooter with strategic warfare on a massive scale.

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Download The Foxhole prototype Here (Windows)

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