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Foxhunt is a stylish and surreal The Witness inspired first person puzzle adventure where you follow clues hidden by a sly little fox to unearth the secrets hidden in a cold white desert.

In Foxhunt you find yourself in a looping desert landscape that’s populated by a few mysterious structures, a glowing sun and an elusive fox who leaves you cryptic notes to guide you on your adventure. To unravel the mysteries of the desert you’ll have to solve a series of puzzles that require a keen eye for detail, problem solving skills and a little experimentation to solve. As you solve each puzzle it feels like you’re always unearthing a new part of a larger puzzle rather than just solving a series of standalone puzzles.

When you reach the end of Foxhunt it tells you that the current build is a Beta version, but other than one game breaking bug (highlighted below in the notes section) it’s a very polished experience. Visually it’s fantastic and it’s got a very chilled out Witness-esque atmosphere and approach to puzzle design. The puzzle design has plenty of variety and makes great use of the game worlds architecture. A super stylish and well crafted puzzle adventure. Highly recommended.

Important note: There are a couple of ways that you can place objects in the apse (the small hexagonal shuttered shack) that can cause you to get stuck and have to restart. Do not try and place the glowing cubes or planks in the apse when the shutters are closed – you won’t be able to get in to retrieve the glowing cube and without the planks you can’t reach the top section of the totem to place the blue cube.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Foxhunt Beta Here (Windows & Mac)

3 thoughts on “Foxhunt – Beta Download”

  1. Dude! Thanks so much for the thoughtful review and for pushing downloads to my! I didn’t expect someone to Letsplay me so soon! I am gonna take that bug very seriously and make v1.1.01 better for you. Those damn planks DO get janky…

  2. Hey Henning,
    Really nice game. Concept, environment and puzzles really fitting together.
    I didn’t know where to put bug reports though; So I’m going to leave it here.
    On 9th card where you have to put red square inside a ‘temple’ looking place, you can actually manipulate the plank to move the squares without triggering the closing action.
    With this bug, you can actually move the red square to step of the said ‘temple’. Then, you can grab the square from inside and place it. It won’t activate though since blocking the door with plank is required. Maybe consider position of squares instead of user event on squares or you can keep it that way while giving it possibility to trigger the temple.

    • O my god, that is nuts and you are a madman! But yeah, good point: why not do it position-based rather than specific action-based…

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