1 thought on “Fractured – Alpha Sign Up”

  1. Be aware that the Alpha selection may begin near the end of quarter 1 2019 or even delay until quarter 2.

    Pre-Alpha begins in October for special people and Alpha 1 begins in December for people who pledged 150(!!!) Euros or more to the Kickstarter campaign

    I was actually interested in the game after hearing about it from their first announcement last year but now I’m read into it and its probably going to be an EVE-lite RPG that will be pay to win. It will force you into guilds and groups if you want to get anything done and you can buy the ingame currency which leads to bad things when you involve humans at every level of a game (An example would be the rackets people perpetrate in EVE).

    A lot of people from other games with PVP elements have shown up on the forums to potentially just band together and grief the hell out of other people. This has turned me away from the game as well, just from the toxic mindset of some of these people.

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