Fragmented City – Beta Demo

Fragmented City is a quirky open world exploration adventure in a city filled with secrets, oddball characters, side-quests and a strange religious cult.

Máté Pribelszky, creator of Through The Fragmentation, the joy of Fragmented City lies in exploration and experimentation. The plot revolves around you attempting to track down a religious cult and figuring out what they’re up to, but there’s plenty more to do besides that.

In the demo you have a sizeable chunk of the city that you can freely explore. It’s packed full of oddball characters to talk to, some of which will give you side-quests that you can complete to earn cash to pay for a train ticket. Everywhere you look in the city there’s something to do and there are all kinds of secrets to discover too. It’s the sort of game that you can’t put down because there’s always something interesting around the corner. Highly recommended.

Download The Fragmented City Beta Demo Here (Steam)

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