Fragments – Game Jam Build

Fragments is a wonderfully weird little first person puzzle platforming adventure a talking turkey talks you through a world where reality is broken and normal objects can have some crazy side effects if you interact with them.

It seems that your uncle Jerry has been tinkering with the reality drive he’s been working on and has caused reality to become “Inaccurate”. You need to search each area of the research facility you’re trapped in and fix the Reality Cores to allow reality to turn back to normal.

Reality being broken does have some very strange side-effects which you can use to your advantage. Some everyday objects objects may pop out of existence if you interact with them, some may spurt fountains of water, some may cause you to speed up, some may cause you to shrink and some may even may you fly. You need to figure out how to use these objects to help you find those cores and fix reality, all with a little help from one of your uncles assistants who has now been turned into a turkey.

It’s a fun game with a nice sense of humor and some excellent physics based puzzle platforming gameplay that makes great use of its broken reality premise. There are lots of bizarre sights to see and it’s a joy figuring out what transformative properties the everyday objects you interact with have been imbued with and how they can help you in your predicament. A fun broken reality puzzler well worth fixing your sights on.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Fragments Here (Windows)