Fragments of Him – Prototype

fragments of him

Fragments of Him is a short and emotional game that tells the story of a man trying to come to terms with the loss of his lover who died suddenly in a car crash.  The prototype was originally created for Ludum Dare and is now in development for a full release that expands it’s scope to explore how the whole family copes with the death.

The Prototype focuses on the young mans lover, who tries to cope with his loss by eliminating everything that reminds him of the deceased.  The gameplay is fairly basic, with you clicking on items and making them disappear, but it’s the heartfelt narrative that really draws you in.  With a full playthrough taking less than 10 minutes, it’s well worth giving Fragments of Him a go, it’s an interesting and affecting experience with some pretty intense emotional moments.

Visit the Official Website HERE

Play the Prototype in a Unity Supported Browser HERE