Framing Dawes – Beta Demo

Framing Dawes is a Tim Burton-esque dark fantasy point and click adventure where a girl and her dead rabbit attempt to get to the bottom of the death of a young boy that she’s being blamed for.

In Framing Dawes you follow the adventure of Dawes, a young girl whose recently deceased mother was an alchemist and whose father seems to dabble in strange magic. After a heated argument with her father, Dawes ran into the woods and dug up a box of her mother’s belongings, complete with a bottle of mysterious dark fluid and a label that claims drinking it will transform her into her most perfect self.

However, after drinking the fluid Dawes awakens a day later with no memory of the past 24 hours and a message on her computer claiming that the police are coming to arrest her for the murder of a young boy. Dawes must now search for clues and solve puzzles with a little aid from her dead pet rabbit, with a hope of unravelling the mystery of what really happened during those 24 hours.

The current demo build of Framing Dawes takes around an hour to play through and really impresses with its beautiful hand drawn visuals, interesting story and intriguing dark fantasy world. The point and click interface is very intuitive and the puzzles are well designed as you try to get to the bottom of what happened to the boy and whether you’re a murderer or not. This twisted fairy tale adventure may not have a happy ending…

Download Framing Dawes Beta Demo Here (Windows)