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Frank and Stein

Frank & Stein, a game created by Vegapomme27 for Ludum Dare 34, is a pixel art two button side scroller full of grotesque creations, dark humour and pixel violence.

You take control of Frank & Stein, two people that have been mashed together in an experiment gone horribly wrong. Joined by a single organ they must venture through a run down science facility full of other failed abomination, electrical faults and laser turrets. Frank is equipped with a gun to protect both himself and Stein from harm. With a few shots he lays waste to the oncoming waves of enemies and even disables laser turrets as well. Stein isn’t completely useless either, and can gain a couple of upgrades to help in their journey. Once these have been gained the mechanics ramp up and you must learn to utilise both Frank and Stein if you wish to survive.

Pixel art games are fantastic when done right, and this is no exception. The game itself is brilliantly animated, with the backdrops seeming cold and unrelenting. The music composed for the game hugely adds to the atmosphere and makes you want to press on to find out what actually happened. All of the visuals, as well as the musical score, were created by Vegapomme27 and he obviously has some serious talent up his sleeve. This game will have you screaming for more, wanting more levels and even boss fights. Frank & Stein is a gem found so rarely in the pixel art genre of games, it’s a game we highy recommend everyone checks out.

Download/Play Frank & Stein Here (Windows, Linux and Browser)