FranknJohn – Prototype Download


In FranknJohn you use your head (literally), it’s a a head-swinging roguelike smash em’up with fast paced gameplay and the ability to change your abilities by equiping various different heads and body parts.

FranknJohn is a reanimated child with the body of Frank and the head of John, connected by a chain that he can swing around and smash into enemies.  Being a reanimated corpse has it’s benefits, mainly that you can swap body parts to customize your stats and equip dozens of different skullcaps with special powers that can alter the gameplay drastically.

The fast paced action orientated gameplay is inspired by SNES classics like Super Smash TV and Zombies Ate My Neighbours, with aspects taken from recent games like Dark Souls and The Binding of Isaac.  Graphically the game is wonderful, full of snazzy effects, vibrant colours and Tim Burton-esque character design, while the Soundtrack is being composed by FTL‘s Ben Prunty.

With it’s randomly genetrated level design and a vast array of swappable skullcaps, FranknJohn looks set to offer plenty of variety and replayability.  The challenge arena does a good job of demonstrating the excellent fast-paced, head-swinging gameplay – FranknJohn may be a reanimated corpse, but there’s plenty of life in this game.

Visit the Kickstarter & Download the Challenge Arena HERE