Frauki’s Adventure – Alpha Download

Frauki’s Adventure is a challenging open world action platformer with charming SNES-style visuals and clever shortcut-filled world design akin to the Dark Souls series.

In Frauki’s Adventure you control a sporty looking female protagonist who ends up attempting to help a friendly looking flower goddess out of the prison she’s locked in. This requires you collecting four large crystals that are scattered around the world, but it’s not going to be easy!

The sprawling game world of Frauki’s Adventure is packed full of deadly enemies, many of which can finish you off in just a few blows. You have a nice selection of aerial and ground attacks at your disposal, but they leave you vulnerable if you miss, so timing your attacks and dodging incoming attacks is vital for your survival. You start back to the beginning every time you die, but as you explore and discover more of the many secrets the game world has to offer, you’ll unlock permanent health upgrades and also unlock Dark Souls-style short cuts that allow you to reach more advanced areas quicker.

It’s still early in development but Frauki’s Adventure is already a fun and addictive open world action platforming adventure. The vibrant game world is a joy to explore and the enemies that patrol it can be a real challenge to defeat. Highly recommended.

Download The Frauki’s Adventure Alpha Here (Windows)