Freaked Fleapit – Beta Demo

Freaked Fleapit is a quirky and slightly horny rhythm-action dungeon crawler where you do a little dating and dance your way out of the nine circles of Hell.

The gameplay in Freaked Fleapit blends dungeon crawling, rhythm-action and dating, all wrapped up in a Helltaker-esque horny anime vibe. It appears you’ve died and gone to Hell (even though it wasn’t your time to die), so now you need to fight your way out.

As you make your way through the procedurally generated dungeons you need to move and attack to the beat. There are plenty of secrets to discover and there are hundreds of unique story events that will help you decide which lucky lady will escape Hell with you.

It’s a fun game with simple, but addictive gameplay, great tunes and excellent pixel art animation. Getting to know all the characters and their quirky personalities is a lot of fun too. They all have big personalities.

Download The Freaked Fleapit Beta Demo Here (Steam)