Freaky Awesome – Steam Alpha Key Giveaway

Freaky Awesome Steam Key Giveaway

Freaky Awesome is wonderfully grotesque dungeon crawling roguelite with fantastic pixel art animation and the ability to mutate to take on characteristics of monsters you’ve slain.

We first featured Freaky Awesome on Alpha Beta Gamer back in March during the Beta Sign Up (which is still live) and were very impressed with its high quality pixel art animation, body-morphing gameplay and fun sense of humor. Playable in singleplayer or with up to four players in co-op, in the game you explore a randomly generated network of toxic sludge-filled sewers, battling mutants and absorbing their mutagens.

The mutagens of slain enemies will lie in a puddle in the floor until you walk over them, at which point you’ll absorb them and restore some of your health. However, after you’ve absorbed a few mutagens and your mutagen bar is filled you’ll transform into a new grotesque monstrosity, with new abilities – such being able to hurl your head at enemies, lay eggs or use electric attacks.

Even with these new mutant powers the dungeon crawling in Freaky Awesome is still pretty tough, but using the environment to your advantage really helps – explosive crates, barrels, circular saws flames and flying pig heads can all hurt you if you’re struck by them but can also be used to do some serious damage to your enemies.

The layout of the dungeons draws inspiration from The Binding of Isaac, with you entering each room unaware of what monstrosities await you. Occasionally you’ll come across some useful loot or a vending machine, but usually there’ll be a bunch of monsters that you have to kill before you can continue on. As you progress you’ll battle powerful bosses, unlock new locations and purchase permanent skill upgrades that will aid you on future runs.

It’s a challenging and addictive dungeon crawler that channels the same ‘just one more run’ mentality that The Binding of Isaac perfected, but also allows you to play along with friends and turn into all manner of walking abominations. A fun dungeon crawling roguelite in which most of the time the most hideous monster on the screen is you!

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You Can Check out Freaky Awesome On Steam Here

Freaky Awesome Steam Alpha Key Giveaway!