Free The Dragons – Prototype Download

Free The Dragons allows you to live out your Game of Thrones dragon riding fantasies as you become a dragon master who can take to the skies on the backs of mighty fire-breathing dragons.

In Free The Dragons you take on the role of the last surviving Dragon Master who must rescue his family of dragons that have been captured by an army of demons, monsters and vikings. It’s a third person action adventure game that allows you to pick up and use a wide variety of weapons, as well as being able to jump on the backs of fire breathing dragons to take them out for a spin.

The current Free The Dragons prototype build features a sizeable chunk of gameplay and sees you battling monsters you climb up a network of chains, high into the sky, to rescue your dragons. It’s still very early in development so it has plenty of bugs, lots of issues with frame-rates, awkward combat and some odd enemy animation. Also there’s a distinct lack of checkpoints so if you fall off a chain then you’re in for a very long walk back up to the top. Even in these early stages of development it looks fantastic though and when you do finally manage to reach the dragons it can be a lot of fun (though their fire breath does feel quite underpowered).

The prototype is far from convincing but Free The Dragons does have a lot of potential. Climbing higher and higher along the network of chains is exhilarating at times, the ice spell is very cool and being able to hop on the back of a fire-breathing dragon is always going to be fun. With a bit of polish and better combat mechanics it could be a blast.

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Download The Free The Dragons Prototype Here (Windows)