Freedom Planet 2 – Alpha Demo

Freedom Planet 2 game

Freedom Planet 2 is a fantastic looking follow up to the critically acclaimed original which featured fast paced action platforming that put a certain blue hedgehog to shame.

Freedom Planet 2 continues the fast paced momentum focused gameplay of the original, but adds a whole lot more. As well as receiving a serious bump in resolution, it features an item based flexible difficulty system, fully reworked character models, the ability to parry attacks, the ability to instantly revive with limited health (at the cost of a life) and four playable characters.

The original’s all female character roster of Lilac, Carol and Milla are joined by Neera the Frost Knight, who has some (literally) super cool moves of her own that make her just as fun to play as her companions. All of the other characters abilities have been refined too, and crucially, each one is just as fun as the other to play as (there’s no Big The Cat here).

The Current Alpha Demo features one huge level with a vast array of possible routes, a boss fight and all four playable heroines. We highly recommend playing through the level with each character, as each one makes the same level feel like a significantly different experience (we’d recommend leaving Lilac The Dragon last though as her abilities feel a little overpowered and it makes the game a little too easy.)

Judging by the current build, Freedom Planet 2 is shaping very nicely indeed. We’re really not sure why it needs to go through the Greenlight process as the devs have already proved themselves with the original, but if you want to see more of this marvelous momentum based action platformer please send a vote their way to help get it on Steam as soon as possible!

Check Out a Freedom Planet 2 Gameplay Video Here

Download The Freedom Planet 2 Alpha Demo Here (Windows & Mac)