Freeman: Star Edge – Alpha Download

Freeman: Star Edge is a very impressive free-form sandbox Sci-Fi action RPG adventure that gives you total freedom to explore the galaxy on your own terms.

Freeman: Star Edge offers a Mass Effect-esque blend of space exploration, RPG elements and combat but instead of funnelling the player towards a pre-set destination it gives complete freedom to do what they like within its galaxy. You’ll be able to become a mercenary and hunt down dangerous outlaws, raise an army and conquer the galaxy, build a home, complete missions or just explore the planets and discover new forms of life.

The current Alpha build gives you access to a galaxy populated by four planets and tasks you with dominating them by any means possible. At the start of the game you create your character and then are let loose in the galaxy. To conquer a planet you’ll need to capture all the major settlements on them and take part in space battles to conquer the airspace around them. Going straight in for the kill is pretty much suicide though – it’s better to take your time, plan your actions, recruit some members to your squad and trade, steal and loot equipment that may be useful in your endeavours.

Freeman: Star Edge is still early in development so has a few rough edges and there’s still a lot more features to be implemented, but it shows great potential with its open ended gameplay and diverse worlds to explore. A free-form Sci Fi adventure where you really are in charge of your own destiny.

Note: We highly recommend reading through the Manual in the main menu screen as it will give you all the info you need on the various key bindings (press ‘Escape’ at any time to view)

Download The Freeman: Star Edge Alpha Here (Windows)