FreezeME, Alpha


FreezeME is a glorious retro N64 style 3D platform game inspired by Mario 64, that allows you to freeze objects and enemies in place with your camera.

As soon as you enter the first world of FreezeME you’re instantly transported back to the glory days of the N64. The huge open world level of the Alpha is big, bold, bright, cheerful, full of surprises and features an authentic N64-sounding, super-happy soundtrack. This genuinely feels like a place Mario would go on holiday when he’s not busy saving princesses.

Being an early alpha, it’s not perfect, the XBox 360 controller is supported but not fully functional, it can be a little glitchy and the characters movement can feel a little awkward at times, but these are normal flaws in developing such a game and will no doubt be remedied in future releases. The freezing-objects-with your-camera mechanic is a nice novelty too, but that’s not the reason to play this game. You’ll play this game this game because it’s a glorious slice of nostalgia, transporting you back to the heyday of the 3D platformer and of the last cartridge-based home console.

Visit the Steam Greenlight page HERE

Download the Alpha Demo HERE (Win Only)