Fresh Pup – Game Jam Build

Fresh Pup is fun little rapping sim in which an up and coming dog rapper attempts to win an animal rap battle tournament.

In Fresh Pup your aim is to use your wit and your rhyming skills to win a series of rap battles against different animal opponents. There are three opponents to beat – a hipster duck, an “edgy” teenage possum and an old rhino who thinks he’s down with the kids. You’re given a choice of lyrics and must select the ones that exploit your opponent’s weaknesses to destroy their self esteem. You’ll also have to make sure your lyrics rhyme though or your lyrical wit will be for naught.

It’s a short game and the rapping mechanics are fairly simple, but it’s a great premise with some fun characters and some tasty lyrics. See if you can become the best doggy rapper since Snoop!

Download Fresh Pup Here (Windows)