Friction – GameJam Build


Friction is a seriously funky space shooter where you plunge down a black hole full of nasty alien ships and the only way to charge your blasters is by flying as close to incoming bullets as possible.

Not only is everything on screen made up of Tron-like neon colors, the soundtrack is amazing – made up of awesome dance anthems by Tikal Shine that have a 90s feel and a strong Daft Punk vibe (and a touch of Boney M!).  Crucially, gameplay is fun and addictive too, the way you charge up your blaster by playing chicken with enemy bullets adds a great risk and reward element.

You’ll have to use your hard earned shots sparingly, shooting whole lines of enemies at a time is the best option if you want to survive this tricky neon blaster.  Like any shooter worth it’s salt, t’s a little tough, but as long as those funky tunes keep playing, so will you.

UPDATE: This Game Is No Longer Available

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