Friends Vs Friends – Beta Demo

Friends Vs Friends is a fast, fun and frantic PvP multiplayer first person shooter with deck-building elements which see you using cards to grant powers, weapons and debuffs.

In Friends Vs Friends you’ll be able to choose from over ten playable characters, each with their own unique abilities. Matches are 1v1 and 2v2 affairs and as you play you unlock cards that you can use to build your deck. There are a lot of different effects your cards can have, from vampiric bullets to giving your rival a giant head (perfect for headshots), effectively allowing you to introduce your own modifiers to each match and allowing you to creat som powerful card synergies.

The current build of Friends Vs Friends features seven playable characters and 58 cards to unleash on your rivals. It’s a whole lot of fun, with fast paced gameplay, vibrant visuals and the card-based elements add a lot of strategy and unpredictability. It’ll be live until the 26th of Feb, so jump in now for car-based FPS fun!

Download The Friends Vs Friends Beta Demo Here (Steam)