Fringe Theory – Alpha Demo

Fringe Theory

Fringe Theory, being created by Lion Roar Games, is an atmospheric first person puzzle survival adventure that features two men coping with post traumatic stress disorder and attempting to uncover the mysteries of the island they’re trapped on.

While Fringe Theory presents itself as a survival adventure, it’s unlike most survival games you’ve ever played – it features inventive puzzle design and a focus on satisfying mental needs instead of physical ones.  So instead of scavenging for food and other menial items, you’ll be performing activities that raise morale and increase your mental state – such as lighting a fire.

The Alpha Demo of Fringe Theory offers up a short taster of what to expect in the full game, with you solving a puzzle to allow you access to more of the complex. The visual design of is absolutely beautiful. The complex itself, although extremely dark at first until power is semi-restored, makes you feel as though the surrounding shadows are slowly engulfing you. Your only source of life at first is your trusty flashlight, and even though it’s super handy to have with you, the light it shines is a little dim, never quite piercing the surrounding darkness fully. The music, by the ever awesome Kevin MacLeod, only adds to this atmospheric gem and at times can give you chills as you play.

Fringe Theory impresses with it’s puzzles, atmosphere and focus on the mental fragility of your character.  An intelligent survival puzzler well worth keeping an eye on.

UPDATE: This Alpha Is No Longer Available

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