Frog Sord – Alpha Download

Frog Sord

Frog Sord is a charming pixel art platformer that handles wonderfully, with your little frog capable of some remarkable feats of precision platforming.

In Frog Sord you control a frog with a very large sword, his only other remarkable attribute is an ability to perform an air dash in any direction.  While other platformers may rely on accessories, upgrades and other gimmicks to hold the players attention, Frog Sord lets the precision platforming and clever level design do the talking.  Starting off easily, the difficulty soon ramps up to Super Meat Boy levels.  Your little frog will die a lot, but it always seems fair, and there’s always the feeling that you’ll manage it next time.

Unfortunately development on the game has been halted due to a dispute around ownership of the IP.  It’s a shame as it really could of been something special.  The Devs are currently working on a new game which uses some of the same mechanics though, you can follow it’s development through their TIG Page or Twitter.

Watch a Lets Play HERE

UPDATE: Unfortunately the Frog Sord Alpha is no longer available, but you can check out the Devs new game SUPER III HERE

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