From Ashes – Beta Download

From Ashes Beta Download

From Ashes is an action-focused MOBA with tight WASD-style controls, intense clashes for strategic points on the map and satisfyingly meaty combat where the blows carry plenty of weight.

From Ashes features 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3 multiplayer skill-based combat in an arena that has three strategic points which can have a major effect on your success – two elemental shrines to capture that grant buffs to the players and a central “Phoenix Altar”. This Phoenix Altar rises at different times during the match that players need to race to destroy it to increase their teams chances of winning. This central Phoenix Altar is a particularly good bit of game design as it causes some intense clashes as players meet up in the centre of the battlefield vying to be the one who makes the Phoenix fall.

There are only a handful of characters to choose from in From Ashes, but they’re well balanced and each has a fully fleshed out upgrade tree and two top tier classes to choose from. It may not be as fully featured as other MOBA’s, but it’s a very polished experience that offers some very satisfying and strategic skill based combat. An intuitive and intense arena brawler well worth checking out.

Download The From Ashes Beta Here (Windows)