From Below – Open Beta (NES)

From Below is a brand new Tetris inspired NES game where you don’t just have to worry about the blocks dropping from above, but also a Kraken causing mischief by poking up it’s tentacles from below!

Currently in development for NES (though playable on browser and via an emulator), From Below plays quite similarly to the traditional game of Tetris – with you attempting to align different shaped tetrominoes as they fall from the top of the screen. The main difference here is that you have a Kraken at the bottom of the screen that keeps randomly poking up a tentacle and pushing up all the blocks in that column.

The Kraken’s tentacles can really screw up your block placement plans, but you can “attack” them by creating a full line across an area that a tentacle lays, causing it to retreat to the sea. If you build cleverly then the Kraken can actually help by filling in gaps and even create full lines (causing it to attack itself and retreat to the sea).

From Below features three game modes – Kraken Battle Mode where the tentacles move every few seconds, a classic mode (which is essentially just a traditional game of Tetris) and a Turn-Based Kraken Battle Mode (which is probably the most fun of the three) where the tentacle moves each time you drop a block. It’s a gun game and the Kraken mechanics really do add a great new twist to the classic game of Tetris. The pixel artwork and color palette changes throughout are excellent too, making for a Tetris game that’s actually superior to the classic NES game (though obviously nothing will ever beat the Game Boy version).

Play The From Below Open Beta Here (Browser or Emulator)