From Light – Alpha Demo

From Light is an innovative light based puzzle platforming adventure in which you build platforms from trails of light as you search a seemingly abandoned planet for your lost friend.

In From Light your friend, Phosphor, has gone on vacation to a tourist destination. After arriving, they sent you a strange postcard, talking about how the planet doesn’t seem to be good for people like them. Worried, you have decided to go and investigate for yourself. The world you travel too seems to be abandoned and far from the wonderful destination you figured it would be.

There is a little tour guide bot, called Clarifly, who does want to show you around. Clarifly is able to take photos and scan areas for you, which are very important tasks. With their camera, you can take photos of the world, freeze objects in place, phase through objects, clone objects, and create light trails that can be used as platforms. Each area has a tram that must be activated and some postcards that can be collected – there are even a few characters left that may want your help.

It’s a beautiful and well crafted game that makes clever use of the camera/light trail mechanics and is full of great puzzle design. A Stylish and inventive puzzle platforming adventure well worth shining a light on.

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Download The From Light Alpha Demo Here (Windows)