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from the depths

From the Depths is a complex and impressive vehicle building sandbox game that allows you to build battleships, planes, submarines, space ships and much more, then pilot them and blow your enemies to smithereens with a wide selection of weaponry.

The extensive creative mode contains 225 unique building blocks, as well as 19 different components for making missiles, torpedoes, depth charges and bombs.  The sheer wealth of options can be a bit bewildering at first (it’s still in Alpha so a more intuitive tutorial system will no doubt be in later builds) but once you get the hang of it, the size, scope and variety of vehicles you can build is staggering.  Novices should download some of the Steam Workshop vehicles to see what can be built in the game – the talented From the Depths community has been very busy building all manner of creations that will put your first efforts to shame!

As well as creative mode, there’s also multiplayer skirmishes, single player campaigns and a story mode which allows you to play missions as each of the 8 factions battling against enemy forces and unlocking new components.

From the Depths is a complex game, and takes some time to get to grips with, but the detail of things you can build in it are astounding.  Every block destroyed or added affects the vehicle’s functionality, physics and control.  From the Depths certainly has plenty of depth.

Visit the Official Website HERE

Purchase the Alpha via Steam HERE

We also have 20 Steam Early Access Keys to Give Away, we’ll be giving 15 of them out via our Facebook page HERE,

We’ll give the other 5 Steam Keys out to any YouTubers/Twitch streamers who want to give it a go – simply leave some channel info a comment below and we’ll send you a key!

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  1. Hi, we have a small youtubers team, the youtube chanel is
    We have low followers, because we created the youtube chanel a small time ago… before my chanel was

    Appreciated that if you gave us a alpha key :)
    MrDJesuss – 3Viriditas

  2. Hi. I want to start a twitch channel but I have no unique, lesser known games that have potential to become famous. This game could be a great way for me to start a channel. My twitch username is SpartanKing500 but I might make a second twitch/steam account to start making videos online. I have recording software and a headset and all I need now is a unique game to play.

  3. My channel is and id love to make some gameplays of this awesome looking game

  4. I make tutorials for computer, but I was thinking in start a new channel, so me and a couple of friends created this channel. It already has some subscribers e views, unfortunately not too much :(
    So we’re not a big youtube channel, but I’d really like to try this game, it seems to be really nice, and if the other guys like I would make a lot of videos

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