From the Sea, Freedom – Game Jam Build

from the sea freedom 1

From the Sea, Freedom is a meditative swimming simulator made in 72 hours for the Ludum Dare 34 game jam where you must explore the flora and fauna of a coral reef.

From the Sea, Freedom is intended to be a very relaxing experience. There is no timer, no risk of death. There is just you, the ocean, and some fish. As you swim by sections of coral, new species of fish, crustaceans, and sea mammals will fill the once barren reef. Before long, you’ll find yourself surrounded by schools of sparkling fish, serenely floating jellyfish, and ghostly memories of those lost to the sea. The music of From the Sea, Freedom not only helps to establish the game’s calming mood, but it is reactive, emitting light tinkling sounds as you discover new areas and crooning a soft tune as you leisurely swim past a whale. There is a lack of sound effects in the game — you won’t hear any soothing bubbles or scuba mask pressurizing — but never the less, the soundscape created is truly impressive.

The game keeps its graphical style simplistic, sticking to a smooth, green color palette and a general children’s storybook quality to its aesthetic. The game could have benefitted from more secret areas and an increased focus on exploring multiple paths, but for what it is, From the Sea, Freedom is an excellent dive into the secret world hidden beneath the ocean’s surface.

Note: You can use either a mouse or an Xbox 360 controller to play the game, though the developer suggests using the latter for the optimal playing experience. If you have difficulties with the sound, try playing the game on Chrome.

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Play From The Sea, Freedom Here (Browser)