From World 1, with Love – Game Jam Build Download

Memories and items from our past are a bit of a hard topic to understand and process. In From World 1, With Love, you start off in a perfectly created, polished pixelated world, being told about how the previous world – the first ever world – is currently being destroyed. And you are assigned to try and help anyone still left in this world.

Unlike your world, which is full of detail, perfection, and a bit less colorful, World 1 is a hand drawn world, clearly made by someone much younger than whoever created the world you are from. This world is really different from yours – and someone seems to be printing words over the top of it. These words are dangerous, they destroy you and anyone living in the area.

And the people, much like people designed by children, are also simple in nature, not running or noticing any of the dangers that are coming. You need to go over the living creatures and pick them up, then place them down where words aren’t coming – so that they are free in danger. From World 1, with Love is quite challenging, especially when there are several characters or creatures that need moving – and when the words change what places are going to not be covered with words.

The story around From World 1, With Love is a really lovely one, as you – a character in a much more polished world – go back to the start of what worlds made by your creator looks like, just to save the simple characters there and ensure they are able to continue to live their lives in their own world. These graphics feel charming, and the characters are really cute and full of charm themselves.

Download From World 1, With Love Here (Windows & Mac)