Frontier Diver – Game Jam Build Download

Frontier Diver is a creepy little PS1 styled subsea horror game where you pilot a high-tech submersible down to the depths in search of new forms of life.

Created for the Haunted PS1 Wretched Weekend game jam by Modus Interactive (creator of Iketsuki, Groaning Steel and the Siren Head game), in Frontier Diver you pilot a submersible and explore the ruins of an ancient civilization. As you explore you discover new life, which may be best to leave alone…

It takes around 15 minutes to play through Frontier Diver and it’s a great little horror game with a great sense of atmosphere. The retro PS1 styled visuals are excellent (as you’d expect from Modus Interactive) there are some pretty freaky things to discover in the depths and it’s also a lot of fun mastering the controls of your sub (it uses a PS1 era control scheme so no mouse-to-look here). It would be nice if there was a few more things to discover and perhaps something like a twisty tunnel to test your piloting skills a little, but on the whole it’s a very impressive deep sea horror adventure well worth diving into.

Download Frontier Diver Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)