Frost – Alpha Demo


Frost, a single player survival card game inspired by deck building board games, has you trying to survive the cold and find shelter.

This is your story, a person who has been running from the Frost for your whole life. You hope to get to the Refuge, a place that the Frost cannot go. Getting there is the hard part, as the Frost is always behind you. Each time you fail to travel forward, it get closer, hoping to consume you and the other survivors with you.

At the start of your travels through this snow covered world, you have four basic resources; Food, Materials, Survivors, and Fatigue. The total amount of the items you have are listed in your Stock. Some of these resources will be needed to travel closer to Refuge. Using these resources to travel will not remove them from your deck, but will use them until you travel. You can use Survivors to help find more resources, however you risk the chance of them dying.

Other events also can happen while you are running from the Frost. Wolves or farmers can appear on your path. Wolves must be killed, or you will take damage (unless you want to sacrifice a survivor to keep yourself alive). Farmers just look to trade some of your items for different cards that may be able to help you out. These cards include weapons and devices to get rid of fatigue cards. Items that you trade with farmers you do lose completely from your stock.

It’s an interesting take on the digital card game genre, offering up a single player focused experience in which you must battle the elements for your survival.  As you travel forward, you will be able to see how many steps behind you the Frost is. You must keep moving forward at all cost, as the Frost is deadly and will get to you. There is nothing you can do but move as fast as you can.

Download The Frost Alpha Demo Here (Win & Mac)