Frostbite – Game Jam Build Download


Frostbite, a game created by Studio Miniboss, is a post apocalyptic action platformer in which you must stave off cold and hunger while exploring its icy landscape in search for your wife.

In Frostbite you play as a soldier in charge of guarding a tower to protect the last inhabitants of earth. When you begin to run low on food, your wife ventures out into the harsh and deadly nuclear winter in search of food to help you both survive. Several days pass and you wife is nowhere to be seen. Driven a little mad by the cold and your hunger, you decide to venture out of the tower in search of your wife. As you leave the tower strange things start arising around you. The robots used to protect the city have all been armed, all the people who once helped you are either dead or missing and ghostly apparitions have started to haunt you for no apparent reason.

Studio Miniboss have out done themselves with Frostbite, a tense and atmospheric game that’s an absolute joy to play. The platforming is challenging at times but never feels as though it’s completely impossible. The stories narrative will have chills running up your spine as you uncover what has actually happened to everyone you were protecting. Was your wife even real? Is everything the way you believed it to be, or is this all created in your mind? Step out into the cold and see for yourself!

Download the Frostbite Game Jam Build Here