Fruit Punch – Student Project

fruit punch

Fruit Punch is an impressive dungeon crawler in which you control fruit-based heroes in order to defeat the insect menace.

Developed by 4 students at Vancouver Film School, Fruit Punch sees you exploring dungeons, taking on nasty insects, collecting loot and levelling up your fruity warriors.  In an interesting twist, you can also put your heroes into a blender, and make juices for your other characters to drink, making them more powerful.  This fruit-based cannibalism may leave you with a few empty slots in your crew, but that’s not a problem, a little like Capcom’s Dragons Dogma, you can hire other players characters to join you in battle!

Featuring highly polished visuals and deep tactical gameplay, Fruit Punch is a joy to play.  Dungeon crawling fruity fun with more polish than a teachers apple.

Note: Facebook login is required to play the game, but it is non obtrusive and doesn’t post to your timeline

Find More Info About Fruit Punch HERE

Play Fruit Punch In a Unity Supported Browser HERE (FireFox or Safari Only)