Fuel Renegades – Beta Download

Fuel Renegades is a fast paced WipEout-esque futuristic antigrav racing game with a focus on boosting, trailing and using Mario Kart-style powerslides.

In Fuel Renegades you race a selection of anti-gravity racers around a variety of neon-filled futuristic tracks in online multiplayer, local split-screen multiplayer, championships and custom races. There are no weapons and you can’t blow up your vehicle, but you can activate traps that slow down your opponents if they drive over them. The anti-gravity racers handle similarly to those in WipEout, but to truly master them and stand a shot of winning you’ll need to master the boost mechanics.

Pulling off a Mario Kart-style powerslide whilst going around a corner will not only speed you up, but will also increase your boost bar. Similarly, riding in the trails of other racers will also speed you up and fill your boost gauge. You’ll also find boost pads scattered around the track that’ll give you a boost in speed. To stand a chance of winning you need to try and chain together all the speed increases and boosts so that you’re boosting your way around most of the track – using your boost whilst powersliding around corners can be a good way of facilitating this.

Fuel Renegades could really do with a more comprehensive tutorial with regards to the boosting mechanics as they can be a little tricky to get to grips with. Also, at the moment you’re much better off playing in online races initially as the AI is ridiculously hard to beat. It shows a lot of promise though, with excellent audio/visual design and intense anti-gravity racing that takes real skill to master. Drift, trail and boost your way to victory in this super cool antigrav racer.

Note: You can change your character/vehicle by pressing LB/RB on the main menu screen

Download The Fuel Renegades Beta Here (Steam)