Full Metal Democracy – Game Jam Build Download

full metal democracy game

Full Metal Democracy, a game created by Sébastien Bénard (Deepnight) for Ludum Dare 34, is a beautifully crafted Tanks vs Monsters games that put you in control of two heavily armed tanks trying to stop the spread of an infectious CREEP.

It’s a browser-based game that incorporates the Growth Element of LD34 and throws you right into the deep end. You start off by learning how to defeat the creep with your primary tank, a rapid-firing “Shoot first, ask questions later” killing machine that dispatches creeplings with easy. The game then gives you another enemy to defeat, the Generators, that constantly spawn the infectious blobs that consume all it touches. This gives you the opportunity to use your secondary ship, a blue hurricane just waiting to unload its payload and blow up the generators without flinching. The goal is to use these two tanks to work as one, having both tanks destroying their targets to make light work of the CREEP.

Full Metal Democracy is very reminiscent of old school SNES and Sega Megadrive/Genesis game with its sleek and vibrant 16bit environments and characters. It’s extremely easy to learn and with only 4 levels, it’s pretty short, but even with that in mind Full Metal Democracy is incredibly fun and extremely satisfying.

Play Full Metal Democracy Here (Browser)