FUMES – Pre-Alpha Demo

FUMES is a retro styled single-player vehicular combat game where you fight gangs of cars in a Mad Max-esque post-apocalyptic wasteland.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer back in January, FUMES is a carnage-filled post-apocalyptic vehicular combat game where you’re an entity that possesses cars. You roam the vast desert and battle gangs of cars and special bosses to earn upgrades that will eventually allow you to take on an almighty behemoth called Bavarius. You have a mobile base that you can drive to equip parts and customize your car, and if you die then your spirit will hop into another car and you’ll be able to continue from there (losing the parts that were on your car but keeping the ones that were at your base).

It’s a lot of fun and has a very cool style. The only issue at the moment is that it gets a little repetitive. This is largely down to the fact you have to do 2-3 filler fights between bosses which seem a little pointless (there is already the option to get into random fights with any gangs you spot while driving around). It is still early in development though, so hopefully the devs are planning some ways to increase the variety of gameplay a little. The changes implemented since the previous build are already impressive, with lots more destruction, environmental effects and a day/night cycle. It turns out a deadly post-apocalypse can be a lot of fun!

Check Out a FUMES Gameplay Video Here

Download The FUMES Pre-Alpha Demo Here (Steam)