FUMES – Pre-Alpha Download

FUMES is a fantastic retro styled roguelite vehicular combat game where you drive fast, blast hordes of enemy vehicles and earn lots of cool upgrades for your own car!

Playing like a blend of Mad Max and Twisted Metal, FUMES is a single-player vehicular combat game where you fight for your survival in a petrol-fuelled post-apocalyptic wasteland. In the game you start with a fairly basic car with a roof-mounted gun that you can aim with the mouse (or right analog stick) while you drive. As you drive around you trigger different battles which involve you blasting waves of enemies and then facing off against a powerful boss.

Beating boss cars earns a selection of car and gun parts that you can use to upgrade your vehicle. This includes better suspension systems, stronger and faster car bodies (with more places to slot weapons), and an assortment of badass weapons (from machine guns to rocket launchers). You can build some truly fearsome looking vehicles as you progress.

Even in Pre-Alpha FUMES is a ton of fun and has a lot of content to keep you busy. There are eight types of weapon, ten unique car bodies and eleven bosses to battle. The combat and driving already feels great (way better than the likes of Twisted Metal) and the vehicle customization system works really well. The only way it could be improved is with even more content (more biomes, more bosses, more vehicle parts, etc) and possibly the addition of nitrous boosts and melee weapons (saw blades, spikes, etc). Even as it stands though, it’s a ton of fun causing carnage in those wastelands!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The FUMES Pre-Alpha Here (Windows)